The Melbourne Spinal and Sport Medicine Clinic
Laser Pain Clinic of Australia
The Headache Centre of Victoria (HCV)
The Melbourne Spinal and Sports Medicine Clinic is open during the lockdown  as an Essential service. Individual face-to-face services are permitted for essential care, where the care/service is not able to be provided via telehealth:
  • to prevent a significant change/deterioration in functional independence which would result in an escalation of care needs (e.g. an increase in frequency of treatment needed, an increased need for prescription medication due to a significant increase in pain, requirement for specialist input or review, an increase in care needs, and/or a substantial increase to anticipated recovery time associated with a delay in receiving services)
  • to provide assessment and diagnostic services to patients whose care have been delayed as a result of previous restrictions, with any further delay likely to result in deterioration in functional independence or adverse health outcomes (including access to diagnostic imaging services or assessment for prescription of assistive equipment and technology)
  • to provide services that are essential as part of a broader plan of care with a medical practitioner (e.g. fitting a brace post-surgery)
  • to provide services that are part of a conservative management plan to avoid or delay elective surgery (as agreed with treating team)
  • to provide services immediately following elective surgery that prevent secondary complications or aid functional recovery (as agreed with treating team).

Please ring our reception staff if you require clarification on (03) 9866 8010


Leaders in Spinal and Sports Injuries, Headache, TMJ, Tinnitus and Hyperacusis




Our Physiotherapists have the expertise in the assessment and treatment of conditions of the joints, muscles, and nerves of the body


Our staff are experienced with the assessment of musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction, the application of various physical modalities to treat myofascial pain, and the rehabilitation of the soft tissue and underlying causes​


Our clinical mat Pilates programme is tailored to your individual needs through a one-on-one assessment and programming


Our Dry needling treatment is designed to enhance pain management and be used with other physiotherapy treatment to improve function


Our skilled musculoskeletal physiotherapists can reliably identify and treat the underlying cause of your problem as well as teach you how to avoid injury recurrence


We focus on the view that the key to effective treatment of chronic pain is to be educated on the contributing factors and understand how to best manage them



Established: 35 years plus
Consultants in injury management to various state and national sporting teams including Cricket (Victoria and Sri Lanka), Hockey (World Cup), Basketball (Australian men and women’s), Australian Rules Football (Melbourne, Carlton and Bulldogs Football Clubs). Olympic (winter and summer) and the Commonwealth Games Medical Team
Presentation at the World Cup one-day cricket conference in 2015
The Melbourne Spinal and Sports Medicine Clinic was awarded the best practice in promoting Physiotherapy in Australia by the Australian Physiotherapy Association
Practitioner awarded the Victorian Physiotherapy of the Year award
Practitioner awarded the Eliza McCauley award for the most outstanding final year Physiotherapist
Awarded Beiersdorf Sports Medicine award for research in sporting injuries
Humanitarian work with Jesuran Wellness Centre in Australia and overseas
Lecturers and Tutors at Universities
Authors in books in Sports Medicine and Headache and TMJ
Practitioner awarded the Australia Day AM award for significant services to physiotherapy and professional development