Melbourne Spinal and Sports Medicine (MSSM) Clinic provide treatment for a wide range of injuries and conditions that can affect your muscles and joints.  There are many treatments that may be offered by your physiotherapists.


Neck MobilisationJoint Mobilization and Spinal Manipulation (when indicated) to relieve pain, improve mobility and function.
  • Mobilization techniques are gentle movements applied to any joint of the body to ease pain, improve mobility and restore function.
  • Manipulation (a quicker thrust technique) is used in certain conditions to improve the flexibility or restore movement of stiff or "locked" spinal joints.
Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Soft Tissue Therapy, sometimes called Massage, is used for pain relief, relaxation or release of scar tissue, trigger points and tightness.
Exercise Programs
  • Exercise is used to stretch, relax, strengthen or improve co-ordination and endurance of muscles as well as for specific and overall fitness training. 
  • Exercise may be used to help maintain your health and help prevent injuries in the future.
  • Our team is able to give you advice regarding safe and effective exercise programs.
Clinical PilatesPilates
  • Clinical Pilates is provided by physiotherapists.  MSSM offer clinical and rehabilitation Pilates programs tailored to your individual needs. During your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will devise a personalized exercise prescription for you, reflecting your current health status, activity level, medical history and exercise/rehabilitation goals. We focus on mat-based Pilates, so you learn a practical exercise program that you can do both under supervision in the clinic and at home. You will leave each Pilates session with a personalized home exercise program that will be changed as you progress.
Postural Correction Programs
  • Postural correction allows you to improve your ability to cope with daily activities and overall function.  Your program may include specific muscle training and biomechanical spinal taping programs to assist in your rehabilitation.
Dry Needling with Acupuncture Needles for Pain Management
  •  Dry needling is performed at the MSSM to treat headaches, jaw pain, neck and back pain, sports injuries to joints and muscles.  It may be used to enhance pain management and be used with other physiotherapy treatment to improve function.
  • The concept of dry needling was initiated due to the philosophical concepts of acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
  • Dry needling of myofascial trigger points was first developed in the 1800s and was formally researched by Dr Kellegren in 1930 and later by Dr Lewis in the 1940s. Dr Janet Travell who was President John F Kennedy’s physician further developed treatment of myofascial trigger points.
  • Dry needling can be performed following the pathway of the nervous system. For example, the pathway of the sciatic nerve and its branches can be followed for those with low back/sciatic pain; the brachial plexus and branches for those with neck/arm pain and the intercostal nerves for those with intercostal pain. Similarly dry needling can be applied in those with headache/jaw pain.
  • Research demonstrates that needling relaxes muscles and stimulates large nerve fibres that communicate with the brain and in this way reduce pain. Studies on animals demonstrate that needling with acupuncture needles releases endorphins which are the body’s natural pain reliever. Studies involving the use of brain scanning with Functional MRI and PET scans demonstrate that needling activates the somatosensory cortex and brain regions which promote pain relief.  Thus, dry needling has neurophysiological effects in reducing pain and relaxation of muscle trigger points which can help you to improve function.
Trigger Point Treatment

GLA:DTM - Best first treatment for hip and knee pain and arthritis
  • GLA:DTM Australia is a programme for all individuals who experience any hip and/or knee osteoarthritis symptoms, regardless of severity. Research from the GLA:D® programme in Denmark found symptom progression reduces by 32% and 74% of patients have avoided knee surgery
Acupuncture, Acupressure and Laser Acupunture

Treatment for Headache and Temperomandibular Disorders (TMD)
  • Physiotherapy treatment can be very helpful for many people suffering from headaches as well as jaw pain, jaw clicking and teeth grinding.
  • Treatment is based on current research to promote optimal function.
Stress Management
  • Research shows that relaxation strategies together with physical exercises reduce the incidence, frequency and duration of headaches.
Diet Management
  • The Houston Headache Clinic in the USA has identified certain foods with tyramines that can trigger headaches.  Elimination or modifying some food additives can help reduce symptoms.
Mirror Imaging Therapy to improve function and pain management

Women’s Health Programs
  • Women's Health Programs can be designed for women at all stages of life.  Our trained physiotherapists can develop an individualized program and incorporate it into management of musculoskeletal problems.  We work with you to help you better understand and manage issues relating to
    • Pregnancy and childbirth
    • Continence and pelvic floor dysfunction
    • Menopause
    • Reduced bone density
    • Back , pelvic and sacro-iliac pain
Management of Chronic Pain

Occupational Health Consulting
  • MSSP are able to provide rehabilitation programs, ergonomic advice and work site assessments.  We area also able to arrange Injury Prevention programs for your workplace.
  • Myotherapy (muscle therapy) is provided by myotherapists who have completed a three year university programme in Victoria.  Myotherapy is concerned with the assessment of musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction, the application of various physical modalities to treat myofascial pain, and the rehabilitation of the soft tissue and underlying causes.  The aims of Myotherapy treatment are to restore or maintain normal muscular integrity, strength, flexibility, and decrease pain.
  • Melbourne Spinal and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic have myotherapists available to assist in your care.
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