Staff Profiles

We are a team of Physiotherapists

led by specialist physiotherapist, Dr Peter Selvaratnam, who is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2007)
highly trained with post-graduate qualifications in areas including musculoskeletal physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and/or women’s health physiotherapy
trained in treatments that complement this care, eg. Acupuncture, dry needling, Clinical Pilates, individual fitness training
involved in physiotherapy research, teaching and/or publishing textbooks

Peter Selvaratnam - The Principal Director

Peter Selvaratnam :: Melbourne Spinal and Sports Medicine Clinic

Peter is a Doctor of Medical Anatomy and a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2007).

Peter is an Associate Clinical Professor at The University of Melbourne. He is also a Senior Honorary Lecturer in Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine, Monash University and a Visiting Lecturer at LaTrobe University.

He has published papers on the spine and referred pain both in Australia, the UK and the USA. His research on the spine includes the relationship of the neck and jaw in their contribution to headaches, and investigations of spinal pain and referred shoulder and arm pain.

Peter has also been a consulting physiotherapist for a number of years for state and national sporting teams including cricket, hockey, basketball, football and Olympic sports.

Peter is also co-editor and author of a new textbook, Headache, Orofacial Pain and Bruxism; Multidisciplinary Approach to Diagnosis and Management (2009).

Sharlene Thuraisingham - Consultant Physiotherapist (Clinical Associate)

Sharlene Thuraisingham :: Melbourne Spinal and Sports Medicine Clinic
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B.Kinesiology, Masters Physiotherapy, Dry Needling certificate, Pilates Practitioner

Sharlene was born and raised in Toronto, Canada where she had the opportunity to play competitive soccer and learned first-hand how to deal with sporting injuries. Combining her personal experience and interest in human biomechanics, Sharlene completed her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at McMaster University.

Sharlene initially worked in a private practice as a kinesiologist which helped to grow her passion for helping clients work towards optimal health and wellness. Keen to expand her clinical knowledge and skills, she later made the big move to Melbourne, Australia to pursue her Masters in Physiotherapy.

As a physiotherapist, Sharlene began her career working in a private pain management rehabilitation setting with a key focus on management of multi-trauma and pain management patients. Helping these individuals regain their functional independence sparked her interest in exploring the world of physiotherapy with high level clients and sporting individuals. Her philosophy with treating clients is geared towards applying the latest evidence based practice with regards to manual therapy, exercise prescription and education to empower clients to self-manage and enhance their overall wellbeing.

Outside of physiotherapy, Sharlene enjoys exploring Melbourne's food and music culture as well as playing touch rugby with the MTF league.

David Kelly - Doctor of Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Naturopath

David Kelly :: Melbourne Spinal and Sports Medicine Clinic

David Kelly is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

David is currently completing his clinical doctorate at the University of Melbourne and also coordinates the University’s dry needling programme and recently completed an evaluation on the research supporting dry needling for headache.

David also volunteers at Foundation House in the treatment of victims of trauma and is involved in the running of a University in South Africa and helping with AIDS programmes.

He is currently involved in coordinating groups of people for World Vision’s 40-hour famine programme.

Kerrie Bolton - Myotherapist

Kerrie Bolton graduated in Myotherapy from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in 1995. She has been consulting at the Melbourne Spinal and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic since 1997 and treats patients with a variety of conditions such as tension headaches, jaw pain, neck and back pain, shoulder injuries, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, shin splints and knee pain.

Kerrie supervised Myotherapy students at RMIT. She has also lectured to Physiotherapists at the headache and temperomandibular seminars run by The Melbourne Spinal and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, The Australian Physiotherapy Association and to the clinical doctorate students at The University of Melbourne.

Phoebe Cole - Myotherapist

Phoebe Cole :: Melbourne Spinal and Sports Medicine Clinic
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Phoebe consults as a Myotherapist and Pilate’s practitioner having completed the Myotherapy course at RMIT University in 2006. Since then Phoebe has gained experience working with the Australian Ballet company, the Victorian Junior boys’ Gymnastics and the Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club.

Phoebe’s interests extended to training in hip conditions and the rehabilitative stage working alongside orthopaedic surgeons following arthroscopy. Phoebe has also completed the post graduate training in the management of neck pain dysfunction, TMJ (temperomandibular joint) disorders, shoulder conditions and headaches. She has a passionate interest in rehabilitation and prevention and has completed her qualification in Clinical Pilates with Dance Medicine Australia Clinical Pilates, APA Physiotherapy Certification and Pilate’s international, Aligned for Life.

As well as her colleagues at the Clinic, Phoebe has become a member of the Australian Laser society of Australia and continues to see great outcomes from laser therapy treatment for pain and injury.

Phoebe has a holistic approach to pain treatment having completed the postgraduate pain treatment seminar and pursues her passion for prevention of musculoskeletal pain as well as assisting those dealing with chronic pain.

Phoebe believes that in addition to providing symptomatic pain relief through the application of soft tissue manipulation, that guiding people to move in an efficient manner is most beneficial in the long term management of a patient’s physical condition as well as providing holistic management and prevention of musculoskeletal pain.

Dominique Harrison - Myotherapist

Dominique Parkinson - Myotherapist :: Melbourne Spinal and Sports Medicine Clinic
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Dominique completed her Bachelor of Health Science degree in Myotherapy at the Southern School of Natural Therapies in 2018. She has previously worked at Carlton Football Club as well as travelling to Samoa and New Zealand with the Australia Deaf Rugby Union Team in 2015.

Dominique incorporates various techniques in her treatments including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilisation and deep tissue massage with, a therapeutic approach to alleviating both acute and chronic conditions occurring from sporting, occupational and recreational activities in a holistic and compassionate manner. Her passions outside of Myotherapy include meditation and running. Dominique believes in educating patients to understand their conditions/injuries and manage their pain in a holistic nature to best compliment their lifestyle and recovery
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